Sunday, September 6, 2015

Chasing Cars: How a silly contest renewed one man's passion for running and brought his family together closer than ever

I have not posted on this blog in about 10 months.  Which was a good thing.  It let me step away from all of the feedback from last year's Philly Marathon, where I experienced one of my most frustrating days as a runner. 

Stepping away from this blog also indirectly led to the most unexpected surprises of 2015 - my renewed passion for running via "The Contest."

"The Contest" first took shape in mid-January when we were in the early stages of a godawful winter.  As neither Janine nor I were able to leave the house much due to all of the ice and snow, and because I was putting in my regular running miles on the treadmill, I remarked that for the first three weeks of January my two feet had covered about 75 more miles than either of our two cars.  It was supposed to be just a punch line.

But winter continued to be godawful.  And I continued to pound out miles both on the treadmill and outside (when Mother Nature let me).  Before I knew it, March ended and I was still ahead of the cars.

The punch line suddenly had a purpose.  How long could I keep this thing going?  Suddenly all car trips meant something.  If I needed to run errands around town in one of our vehicles I found myself strategically mapping out the shortest route of travel, knowing that some time along the way I would have to counter that distance with my feet.  If I woke up groggy and not wanting to get out of bed, I checked my chart to see if I could "afford" to take the day off of running or if it would put me too much in a deficit.  When one car got a little distance ahead, I found myself using the other car more often to even out the numbers. 

Even after I had to take a two week break from running in May due to serious illness, and found myself for the first time at about a 200 mile "deficit," I didn't give up - it just motivated me even further.

In fact since June 1st, I have averaged about 72 miles/week worth of running.  One week I even hit 100 miles just to see if I could do it.  When summer came and the family took 4 trips down to North Wildwood (about 150 miles roundtrip of driving), I alternated the cars and just upped my running mileage further.

Chasing cars has been the greatest game.  At the end of each month, I post an update of the stats on Facebook for family and friends to track along at home.  Their responses just goad me even further.  I am not sure who takes more glee out of the contest, me or my followers.

But what "The Contest" also helped me realize is how little I really do NEED to drive.  Both Janine and I live within about 3 miles of our jobs, our main grocery shopping, Janine's parents.  We don't really NEED to drive that much.  We certainly don't NEED two cars.

So yesterday we took our two cars to Cherry Hill Nissan and traded them in for one really nice family car.  "Big Red" has all wheel drive for those nasty winter snow days.  Neither "Blue" nor "Gray" had all-wheel drive.  "Big Red" has a remote starter, a moon roof, heated seats, a navigation system, vehicle-surround cameras, and DVD players in the headrests.  Neither "Blue" nor "Gray" had any of those.  So when Janine has to navigate her way to work on icy/snowy days, she could do so in the comfort of "Big Red."  When we take our weekend getaways to North Wildwood in the summer, we could slide open the moon roof, get some extra sun, take scenic back roads with our handy navigation system, all while the girls watch their favorites movies in the back.

Win-win for everyone.  Win for the Coleman family.  Win for the climate, with one less car on the road.  Win for our gas costs and insurance rates, both of which will go down.

And win for my running.  "The Contest" will continue, of course.  I was 55 miles behind the "lead" car at the time we purchased "Big Red."  So "Big Red" will get a 55 mile head start.

I will continue to chase cars, big dreams, fast times.  But I already found what I didn't know I was looking for.  I am one happy running dude again.

No matter if "Big Red" or my two feet ends up with the higher mileage of 2015.  I am already a winner.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Philly Marathon Results and An Extended Break

I still don't quite have the energy to type up a full blown race report yet.  For those that don't know, I ended up running 3:06, which of course was nowhere near my goal of 2:50.  I ended up having stomach issues from about 10-13.1mi, and then the leg stiffness/heaviness started early around 14mi but I kept fighting hoping it was just a bad patch.  Finally around 20mi my left hamstring seized and that was all she wrote for being competitive.  I slow-jogged it in afterward at a pace that kept my hamstring at bay.

What little disappoint I may have had was soon squashed by learning that Jamie (2:56) and Steve (2:58) both broke 3 hours for the first time and that Tom ran a nice PR (2:44) despite his setbacks earlier in the training cycle.

I am now going to re-evaluate my training and start thinking about goals for 2015.

But with that being said, I also think I am going to take an extended break from this blog for awhile. 

I think my life needs a little less structure.  It's been fun keeping this daily journal to help hold me accountable and share my training with anyone who is interested.  If I get the itch, maybe I'll take it on again.  But for now, thanks for reading, and happy running to all.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Philly Marathon Training, Week 18

Monday, November 17th:

8:15pm, Treadmill, 1.0-1.5%.  Nike Pegasus 29 USATF, Asics DS Trainer 18.

6mi (45:46): including 1.5mi warmup, strides, 2mi MP tempo (6:34 25), 2mi cooldown

I still don't know what to make of this whole ankle situation.  The tender area has slightly moved up higher more towards the front part of my leg, but the good new is it doesn't feel like tendinitis anymore, more of a mild swelling/throb.  I was aware of it most of the day at work, but not in any painful way - just like I needed to stretch it.  So I didn't know what to expect when I got on the treadmill tonight.

Surprisingly, the leg seemed to loosen up once I got moving and the throb dissipated while I was actually running.  I had no problem keeping pace, comfortably working from 9.0-9.4mph (6:40-6:23/mi) over the course of the tempo segment.  Even seemed fine stretching afterward, although that mild throbbing sensation returned.

Still seems like I am managing things well and that I am not pushing the envelope.  Of course, any day things don't feel quite right this week, I'll just take off.  Six days to go, just need to keep it together!

Tuesday, November 18th:

7:15pm, Treadmill, 1.5%.  Asics Kayano 19.

5mi (40:14) (8:03/mi).  Strides.

The ankle seems to be working its way back to normal.  Less clicking, less swelling in the surrounding muscles, stride feeling more relaxed and normal about 3mi into every run now.  Could it be possible that I am 100% asymptomatic by Sunday?! :)

Wednesday, November 19th:

6:20pm, Treadmill, 1.0%.  Asics DS Trainer 18.

5mi (38:59): including 2mi warmup, strides, 1mi MP (6:30), 1.5mi cooldown

I didn't feel quite as smooth as I would have liked at MP, but I felt great on the cooldown and, more importantly, after the run.  Still have the same funky tendon tightness during the day, but everything seems to subside once I get really warm and moving.  I am going to stick to my plan and take a rest day tomorrow, which should hopefully leave me feeling more fresh and itching to go for this weekend.

Thursday, November 20th:


Friday, November 21st:

8:20am, 29 degrees, 35%, 10-15mph.  2x Neighborhood Loop.  Asics DS Trainer 18.

4mi (30:20): including 2mi warmup, strides, .5mi MP (3:16), 1mi cooldown

Today I had it.  It was there.  I was clicking.  Feeling WAY more confident now for Sunday.  Now it's taking care of the little things.

Saturday, November 22nd:

8:00am, 33 degrees, 52%, calm.  2x Neighborhood Loop.  Asics DS Trainer 18.

4mi (31:05) (7:46/mi).  Strides.

Smooth as silk.  It's now or never.  I am ready.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Philly Marathon Training, Week 17

Monday, November 10th:

5:10am, 34 degrees, 87%, calm.  Kilmer Loop.  Adidas Glide 6 Boost.

6mi (48:46) (8:08/mi)

My right peroneal felt a little fluky, like it wanted to click at times during the run.  Aside from that, everything else felt smooth.  Last two miles were 7:53 48.  Think it was mostly just the cold early AM temps.

Tuesday, November 11th:

Rest.  I almost can't believe I am typing this.  But despite seeming to do EVERYTHING right in my buildup, I have suddenly come down with some peroneal tendinitis in my right ankle.  No funny step, no symptoms before yesterday's run, no sign whatsoever.  I felt GREAT both Saturday and Sunday.  I have NO IDEA why this is now happening.

Thankfully, it's mild and I have no symptoms at all walking, lifting my legs, climbing stairs, etc.  It only manifests at certain "angles" when I am pushing off/running.  I even did about a 1/4mi on my treadmill at a 5% incline at a casual jog with no symptoms.  But as soon as I brought the incline down, I could feel it again.

The good news is, if the marathon was tomorrow, I feel I could physically run on it without it holding me back, much like Monday's run went.  If it was severely inflamed afterward no biggie, because I am planning on an extended break anyway.  But I am afraid that any actual running on it right now is only going to make it that much worse between now and the race.  So I need to straddle the line of doing too much to worsen the condition and too little that I lose significant fitness.

I am hoping that simple rest over a couple days will do the trick.  For now, I'll take it day by day and remain optimistic that my fitness is extremely high, that this forced rest is just a blessing in disguise, and that everything will still go great on race day.

Wednesday, November 12th:

Rest.  Saw Holli, my massage therapist, for her to work on the area.  She was as confounded as I was.  I was irrationally tight all over my right side - my hip flexor, piriformis, IT band, peroneals - she said it was almost like there was some catastrophic event that threw my ankle joint out of line causing the peroneal tendon to "rub" upon pronation and causing all the other links in the chain to get congestion.  Felt a little relief on leaving, but I plan on resting for at least a few more days.

Thursday, November 13th:

Rest.  Did a lot of solo stretching of my hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and calves.  Did some mild rolling along the IT band.  Hoping that these little things will be enough in a few days.  I know that physiologically you don't lose any aerobic fitness with even 5 days off.  It's just falling out of the continuity and routine of daily running that has me out sorts.  If I can get in a few test runs between now and the race I'll feel much better.

Friday, November 14th:

9:00am, 43 degrees, 44%, 5-10mph.  Treadmill, Neighborhood.  Asics DS Trainer 18.

2mi total: .75mi on treadmill at various inclines and speeds, .5mi in neighborhood (.25mi@7:00 pace, .25mi@6:17 pace), .75mi on treadmill easy (8:00 pace)

Got in some more good stretching and rolling this morning.  Decided to test things out.  Ankle felt fine the whole way, had very mild IT tightness on that right side but nothing that impaired the running.  Was amazed how easy and smooth those short, faster segments outside felt.

Saw Holli again today for a brief session to inspect everything again.  Hip flexor was way looser, practically good as new.  Ankle/achilles/soleus had very little congestion, the IT band still had some decent tight spots between the knee and halfway up my quad.  After about 20 minutes, Holli gave me the clear saying I should be good to go.

Tempting as it is to run some more today, I am going to heed Holli's advice to wait until tomorrow to resume regular easy running.  Even then, she cautioned that I may have some IT/quad soreness from today's session.

I am very optimistic that if things continue to improve, I will be fully ready and 100% to go by race day.  What a relief after the last few days!

5:00pm, 39 degrees, 42%, 5-10mph.  2x Neighborhood Loop.  Asics Kayano 19.

4mi (31:36) (7:54/mi)

Okay, okay.  So I couldn't resist temptation or heed Holli's advice.  I was itching to go.  I am glad I did.  It was supremely calming to be running again.  I am not sure if it was just the feeling of being back out on the road, or running at night, or running in shorts and gloves in the cold weather, or the feeling of effortless breathing...but it was so relaxing, and reassuring, and peaceful.  Knock wood, but I feel like a sailor back on calm seas, having survived the worst of the storm and thankful that I came out the other end the better for it.  Let's see how I feel tomorrow. :)

Saturday, November 15th:

8:00am, 34 degrees, 59%, 5-10mph.  Moorestown.  Asics Kayano 19.

8mi (1:01:54) (7:43/mi)

Group conversational pace with Rich, JP, Tom, and Ralph.  Felt very comfortable the whole way.  Ankle seems to be getting stronger each run. 

Sunday, November 16th:

8:30am, 37 degrees, 50%, 5-15mph.  Moorestown.  Adidas Glide 6 Boost.

11.5mi (1:26:56) (7:34/mi)

Everything about today was a little funky, but I still put together a decent run.  Met Tom and JP at JP's house and did a NE loop of Moorestown.  My legs felt heavy most of the way, I had to stop and pee about 5mi in, the weather just seemed odd - still, I ran at a decent clip and had no symptoms with the ankle so I can't complain.  Real taper time from here!

Weekly Total: 31.5 miles

Definitely not the week I had initially planned but I'll take it.  One week to go!  Now it's just a matter of lacing up the shoes and seeing what I got.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Philly Marathon Training, Week 16

Monday, November 3rd:


Tuesday, November 4th:

6:30pm, 58 degrees, 50%, 0-5mph.  Hialeah-Kilmer Loop.  Asics Kayano 19.

7mi (55:38) (7:57/mi)

Smoothest easy run in a long while.  Truly felt silky tonight.  Every mile was within 8:06-7:50/mi without even trying.

Wednesday, November 5th:

6:15pm, 57 degrees, 50%, 0-5mph.  Neighborhood Loop.  Asics DS Trainer 18.

11mi (1:17:09): including 6x1mi (6:06/avg) w/.25mi recovery jogs (2:04/avg)
Splits: 6:08 06 07 07 07 02

Another smooth night of running.  Felt a bit heavy on the warmup, but I obviously fell into a good rhythm during the intervals, knocking off 6:06-:08s like clockwork.  Upped the effort ever so slightly on the last one, but certainly not to the point of exhaustion.  Had plenty left at the end.  I am starting to feel like everything is coming back around as it did before the Philly Half in September.  I can only now hope for ideal weather to allow for a fast time.

Thursday, November 6th:

6:25pm, Treadmill, 1.0% incline.  Asics Kayano 19.

7mi (58:28) (8:21/mi)

Very easy progression from 6.8-7.5mph.  Enjoyable, leisurely pace.

Friday, November 7th:

5:20am, 44 degrees, 83%, 0-10mph.  Moorestown.  Adidas Glide 6 Boost.

10mi (1:18:44) (7:52/mi)

Great group run this morning that at times included JP, Rosie, Steve, Tom, and Rich.  Did a couple strides beforehand which really helped loosen things up.  Last 3-4 miles were in the low 7:30s.  Felt like a million bucks.

Saturday, November 8th:

6:00am, 35-37 degrees, 70-65%, 0-5mph.  Second half of the Philly Marathon course.  Asics DS Trainer 18.

16mi (1:51:35): including 2.5E, strides, 10mi MP tempo (6:25/avg), 3E
Splits: 6:37 32 27 22 22 18 23 22 22 22

Absolutely picture perfect run!  The weather was perfect, the pace was perfect, the effort was perfect - everything seemed to just fall into place beautifully.  I intentionally eased into the pace the first three miles, which took some extra negotiating due to some funky Garmin issues around Falls Bridge.  However, once I got into Manayunk, I used the downhills well to settle into the right tempo not expending too much effort going down or back up.  Then when I got back to Kelly Drive for the last 4mi on mostly flat terrain it was just a matter of cruise control.  My strongest miles were the last couple.  I felt how I should have felt at the halfway point of a marathon - still in total control.  I can only hope that everything comes together just as nicely on race day - if so, today was a great preview!

Sunday, November 9th:

6:15am, 42 degrees, 82%, calm.  Maple Ave out-and-back.  Adidas Glide 6 Boost.

9.5mi (1:14:49) (7:53/mi)

Another run where I felt smooth as silk.  Easy progression from 8:30-7:30/mi.  Really felt solid the last 4mi, rolling over Heller's Hill and Eichel's Hill.  Seems like I can't do any wrong right now.  Everything falling into place.

Weekly Total: 60.5 miles

Two weeks to go!  I am getting more and more confident the closer the race gets.  Really feeling strong right now.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Philly Marathon Training, Week 15

Monday, October 27th:

5:10am, 49 degrees, 59%, 0-5mph.  Maple Ave out-and-back.  Asics Kayano 19.

6mi (50:17) (8:23/mi)

Both of my hamstrings were very tight this morning after doing some squats yesterday.  My IT band felt much better, barely even noticed it the whole way.

Tuesday, October 28th:

8:15pm, 66 degrees, 68%, 5-10mph.  Hialeah-Valley Run-Neighborhood.  Adidas Glide 6 Boost.

7mi (55:12) (7:53/mi).  Strides.

Finally felt smooth again on an easy run.  Strides after were fast, too.  Starting to get some pop back in my legs again.

Wednesday, October 29th:

7:45pm, 53 degrees, 80%, 0-5mph.  5x Neighborhood Loop +.  Asics DS Trainer 18.

12mi (1:25:46): including 3x2mi (6:09/mi avg) w/.5mi recovery jogs (4:11/avg)
Splits: 12:21 (6:13 08), 12:18 (6:11 07), 12:14 (6:11 03)

Optimal conditions tonight ended up leading to an optimal workout.  I also got to break in the shoes I most likely will decide to wear for the Philly Marathon, my new Asics DS Trainers.  Probably the closest thing I found so far to my favorite running/racing shoe of all-time, the Adidas Adizero Tempo 4: lightweight, plenty of cushioning, fast/firm feel, and a touch of stability which is perfect for the latter stages of a long run/race.  I ended up negative splitting each interval, and progressively got faster for each rep tonight.  I was starting to feel the burn on that last one as it was just a bit faster than I was aiming, but I could have pulled out one more rep if I needed to, which tells me I wasn't overdoing it.  Only a few more of these long workouts to go - I can't believe I am now just 3 1/2 weeks away from the big day!

Thursday, October 30th:

7:15pm, 52 degrees, 55%, 5-10mph.  Maple Ave out-and-back.  Adidas Glide 6 Boost.

7mi (56:37) (8:05/mi)

I had quite a bit of stiffness and soreness in my legs throughout the day after last night's workout, but I actually felt pretty decent once I got moving tonight.  I can feel the cold fall air already moving in for this weekend - should be rather interesting the next few days.

Friday, October 31st:

8:35am, 42-49 degrees, 73-60%, 5mph.  Tavistock Loop forward, Pennypacker Loop, Tavistock Loop backward.  Asics Kayano 19.

12mi hilly (1:32:24) (7:42/mi): 4mi@8:15, 4mi@7:38, 4mi@7:13

Felt dreadful the first 4mi, like I had no energy whatsoever.  I stopped for a quick drink of Gatorade, and from there I was able to lock into a nice rhythm and just keep steadily picking up the pace.  My right IT band had some minor discomfort the last couple miles, but I think it was due to an overtight piriformis which I was able to stretch out afterward.  I really attacked the 11th mile well (including the entire climb up Washington Ave), clicking off a 6:52 without too much effort.  Backed off after that to cool down and not over due things.  Nice run, beautiful crisp fall morning.

Saturday, November 1st:

8:00am, 44 degrees, 84%, 15-25mph, pouring f*cking rain.  Moorestown.  Nike Pegasus 29 USATF.

8.5mi (1:03:37) (7:29/mi)

I ran the last 8.5mi of Colleen and Jamie's 19mi run in a nice cold, soaking rain.  I think they were both eager to just finish, and so we ran at a pace that was a bit quicker than I normally would for an easy day, but I was just happy to have company.  I could feel the effort starting to catch up with me the last mile, so I backed off their pace to save myself for tomorrow's long run, which is supposed to be another cold, very windy day.  Oh joy.

Sunday, November 2nd:

6:00am, 40 degrees, 65%, 15-30mph.  Moorestown-Cinnaminson.  Adidas Glide 6 Boost.

20mi (2:26:49): as 6mi easy, 5mi@7:09, 8mi@6:59, 1mi easy

Last big long run before Philly.  Paced Steve for his workout in very gusty weather.  This was a great mental confidence booster, still having some running in the tank after hard running in tough conditions.

Weekly Total: 72.5 miles

Almost there!  Will be cutting back to about 60 miles and 55 miles over the next two weeks.  That should give my legs a chance to come back around.  Very happy with where I am at and how this cycle has unfolded.  Looking forward to the finish.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Philly Marathon Training, Week 14

Monday, October 20th:


Tuesday, October 21st:

5:25pm, Treadmill, 1.0% incline.  Mizuno Wave Rider 17.

7mi (55:59) (8:00/mi)

Smooth going on the treadmill tonight.  Progressed from 7.0-7.8mph.  I almost didn't mind it.  Almost.

Wednesday, October 22nd:

6:45pm, Treadmill, 1.0% incline.  Mizuno Wave Rider 17, Adidas Adios Boost.

11mi (1:17:58), including 2x3mi (6:13/mi avg) w/1mi recovery jog (8:21)
Splits: 18:39 (6:17 13 09), 18:39 (6:17 13 09)

The weather was absolutely dreadful outside tonight, so I bit the bullet and did a longer workout on the treadmill.  Breaking up the run into a warmup (change shoes, stretch), workout (changing the paces each mile), and cooldown (change shoes, shirt, stretch) definitely helped the time go by more quickly.  It was also nice just settling into the humming rhythm of the treadmill, locking in and not having to worry about pace.  Felt great negative splitting each interval the way I did.  Nice confidence booster.

Thursday, October 23rd:

6:45 pm, 56 degrees, 61%, 15-20mph.  Valley Run-Cooper Landing-CH Blvd-Neighborhood.  Nike Pegasus 29 USATF.

7mi (56:50) (8:07/mi)

Nice, relaxed run tonight, despite some gusty winds and some KFC about an hour before the run, haha.  Easy progression from 8:31-7:42/mi.

Friday, October 24th:

9:15am, 55 degrees, 70%, 10-15mph.  2x Tavistock Loop.  Asics Kayano 19.

10mi hilly (1:18:25) (7:51/mi)

An idyllic run.  Once I got the legs moving after the first mile (8:28), every mile was between 7:51-:35.  Felt like I was floating the whole way, having to restrain myself from wanting to go faster.  A very fun run today, which I can't always say about a 10 miler, especially one with some rolling hills.

Saturday, October 25th:

7:00am, 49 degrees, 60%, 5-10mph.  Lloyd Hall to Mile 9 of Philly Marathon Course - ran course from Mile 9 to the finish.

18mi (2:04:44) (6:56/avg overall): 9mi easy (7:31/mi), 9mi tempo (6:21/mi)
Tempo Splits:  32 21 27 18 13 18 23 19 19

This was a tough one.  Couldn't argue with the conditions, the weather was practically perfect.  But I ran it solo and I ran it while weaving around the Regatta traffic and the Manayunk sidewalk sale.  What was nice is a good section of Kelly Drive was blocked off to vehicle traffic for the Regatta, so I was able to get some great practice running the tangents of the course and taking mental note of the actual mile markers along the way.  As they should have, the first 9 miles felt pretty easy, like I was building into the real running.  While the schedule called for the tempo to be run at goal pace, I ended up running faster than I wanted to - which wasn't necessarily a good/bad thing - the workout just became a different one than I had initially designed.

The tempo started right as I was crossing Falls Bridge onto MLK, so I got practice settling into pace going down the hill, doing the 180 degree turn in the middle of the road, and then going back up MLK back over Falls Bridge.  The first mile was perfect: I was hoping for something in the 6:30-:40 range to settle into pace.  But from there, I progressed a little too quickly and when I got Manayunk, weaved around the sidewalk shoppers and made the turnaround in front of Green Lane, I could feel the run turn more into a faster-finish tempo than an actual goal pace tempo.  The string of miles from 20-22mi (6:18 13 18) I was zipping along and full of running.  I tried to temper myself a little when I got about 5K from the finish, but at that point I figured I was "all in" and just practiced the feeling of holding form on tired legs on that specific part of the course (i.e., a preview of the mental/physical struggle at the end).  By no means was I falling apart, but the running was definitely NOT "pace" work - I would have struggled to keep that same pace for even 3-5mi more today.

What I learned today:
* I really think 2:48 is the "A" goal.  Any running faster than 6:20/mi before mile 20 could spell doom.  As such, I think 6:25/mi is the overall pace to target.  Start a little slower than that for 3-4mi, try to hold 6:25s until mile 20, and then see if I could run the last 10k as fast as I did today.  I think that would be best case scenario.

* It was such a benefit to "see" the tangents today.  That will really help me come race down knowing when to anticipate "tighter" running and where to anticipate certain checkpoints.

* The climb out of Manayunk and at the finish aren't nearly as bad as I remember (at least, they weren't so bad today, haha).  I didn't really have to increase the effort or watch my pace - I just cruising right along during those sections.

* I can only hope to get conditions similar today - maybe a touch cooler.  I noticed as soon as I stopped and took off my arm warmers that I instantly felt cooler.  I'll have to remember that a forecast that predicts a finish around 50 degrees might call for me to ditch the arm warmers midway.

* I also learned that I have to keep the zipper in the back pocket of my shorts tightly bunched around the GUs I store in there - one fell out during the first easy mile as I was going downhill.  Other than that, the fuel plan went well (GUs 20 minutes prior, Mile 4/9/14/19 and one extra for emergency, Gatorade every 2-3 mi).

All in all, today was very productive.  But I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow. :)

Sunday, October 26th:

7:00am, 53 degrees, 70%, 5-10mph.  Moorestown.  Nike Pegasus 29 USATF.

11mi (1:33:02) (8:28/mi)

Conversational pace run with Rich and Jason.  I needed this one.  My right IT band was a bit tight during the run, but felt fine afterward with some good stretching.  I think it's time to schedule an appointment with Holli.

Weekly Total: 64 miles

4 weeks to go!  I am pretty locked into my race plan at this point, so moving forward the big goals are to stay healthy and get proper rest/recovery.  Starting with a nap later today, haha.